WednesdayS AT 6:30PM

TRIBE is the high school ministry of One Church.  We meet weekly in homes, coffee shops, and cafes around the city, and gather monthly in “House Parties” to celebrate and worship as One Tribe. Our weekly groups called “circles” are built for relational focus discipleship, intended to grow and mature high school students in a biblical foundation. The vision of Tribe is to launch young adults into their next season of life who can lead themselves, feed themselves (spiritually,) and multiply themselves (make disciples). Monthly “House Parties” are fun and engaging and also a time we encounter God together in worship and the word.

For more information contact our youth pastors, Joel and Rachyl Johnson at


Starting september 4th,

Why am I here? What is Faith? Why do bad things happen? These are the big questions of life that Tribe will be walking through during our Fall launch of Alpha. Alpha is a space to explore life, faith, and meaning. To say what you think and hear other peoples point of view. First theres food, then a talk, followed by a small group discussion. This discussion is for fostering conversation around what you think while exploring these big questions..



ONE TRIBE MID is an exciting ministry designed for middle schoolers, grades 6-8th, every Sunday at 11am. Children meet in the auditorium for worship and then are dismissed to walk over to the Grace Center with their peers and leaders. 

For more information contact our One Tribe Mid director, Cristian and Sierra Alverado at