Worship changes the worshipper into the image of the One worshipped.
- Jack Hayford

We are a family of worshipers, seeking to know God and make Him known through new, authentic songs of worship and praise. By this we believe for the world to realize true worship is the purpose for which we were born. We believe that the greatest calling of every individual is to worship. The Bible also describes musical and artistic expression as a powerful form of worship.  As we glorify God in worship, we enter His presence and our lives are changed.

We believe all of life can and should be lived as worship. Our Sunday gatherings are a vital expression in this church family, but we know there is more to worship than just a Sunday gathering. If you have a heart toward God, and leading in worship we would like to invite you to start right where you are. Begin leading in a Connect Group or when you gather with friends on the weekend. You can discover the beauty and majesty of our God in the simplicity of a living room, or on a bench in the park. God is no respecter of any person and certainly not of any place. 



First Steps:

  1. Read and understand all team expectations
  2. Complete the worship Application form online. (A team leader will connect with you once complete)
  3. Meet one-on-one with ministry/team leader. (Next steps are discussed in this process)