• One Church Grace Center (map)
  • 1675 Dixon Road
  • Longwood, FL, 32779
  • United States


KIDS 7–12

In this camp, students will experiment with different styles of filmmaking based on some of cinema’s legendary directors, like Alfred Hitchcock and Tim Burton. They will explore key concepts of filmmaking including storytelling essentials, camera anatomy and function, location scouting, script writing, film editing, and critical analysis. Students will study some of the fundamental elements that make each auteur director stand out from the others and then use those techniques to create their own short narrative films. They will work in small production teams, honing their project management, communication, and technical skills through a fast-paced mix of instruction and exercises. Students will regularly interact with video cameras, computers, iPad devices, and editing software bringing their stories to life.


Campers with big imaginations and a desire to make films like the cinema masters.


  • Examine and analyze various auteur director styles
  • Identify key concepts and process of video production
  • Experiment with various methods of telling a story
  • Apply production management skills by performing a variety of production roles
  • Execute an effective production plan, implementing work in small time frames
  • Edit film projects to accurately convey the intended story

Final Project

3 to 4 scripted, planned, produced, and edited short films that convey an intentional story and incorporate some aspect of the “Director of Day’s” style.

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