• One Church Grace Center (map)
  • 1675 Dixon Road
  • Longwood, FL, 32779
  • United States


KIDS 7–12

Robots are in our everyday lives, from our automatic pool cleaners and floor vacuums to flying drones. For the most part, they are used to routinely carry out complex tasks in the auto, medical, manufacturing, science, and space industries. In this camp, students will learn new curriculum and understand the role of robotics in our world by participating in multiple interactive, creative, and challenging activities—such as building a robotic arm out of everyday materials—that encourage a love of science, technology, and engineering. As students design, program, and control a fully functional robot, they will explore the essential characteristics of robots (sensing, movement, energy, and intelligence), learn the basics of electricity and circuits, operate microcontrollers, and apply their newfound engineering principles and computation thinking skills in a series of robotic challenges. Robotics make STEM learning fun and can pave the way for exciting technology-driven careers of the future. Ignite the inner engineer!


Campers who love robots and want to learn how to program them.


  • Explore real-world challenges and use robotics to investigate possible solutions
  • Identify the basic components of an electrical circuit
  • Identify the sequence of communication between the robot and the programmer
  • Plan, test, and modify sequences of instructions
  • Apply core STEM principles to program and control a fully functional robot
  • Implement the Engineering Design Process as they design, build, test and improve robotic functions

Final Project

Simulated Robotic Olympics where individual robots compete in events such as movement of objects, line following, sprinting in a race, and retrieving targets

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