• One Church Grace Center (map)
  • 1675 Dixon Road
  • Longwood, FL, 32779
  • United States


KIDS 7–12

Minecraft isn't just a game. It’s a perfect platform for aspiring game designers to learn problem-solving, practice critical thinking, test logic skills, and implement level design strategies. In this camp, students will take control of their world with command blocks and Redstone machines. They will fine-tune their understanding of wiring and logic gates while working individually and collaboratively to create an aesthetically pleasing and fully functional Minecraft world. Whether a student is a veteran or new to the game, there are new experiences and uncharted territories waiting for them to explore!


Perfect for campers looking to expand their Minecraft knowledge and hone their game design skills.


  • Explore a standard 3D x/y/z coordinate navigation system
  • Create a design that not only looks great but is also functional and purposeful in problem-solving
  • Execute proper planning during preliminary design stages to better pivot when unexpected challenges arise in the game
  • Collaborate with peers to build a unique Minecraft creation that tells a story
  • Use basic logic programming to create working machines in-game
  • Playtest and iterate designs and builds based on peer feedback

Final Project

Minecraft world collaboratively designed and built incorporating personal expression, creatively solved problems, and aesthetic environments.

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