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One Leadership College is now offering a discounted application fee of only $75.

This discount applies to the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership as well as the Certificate in Christian Leadership

 Enrollment for Spring 2020 is now open.

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We are excited to offer a Bachelor’s Degree as well as a Certificate in Christian Leadership through our partnership with Logos University. All classes meet Tuesdays 6pm - 8pm in the Grace Center at Markham Woods.


    Comprised of three different sections: Foundational Courses, Core Concentration Courses, and Elective Courses.

Foundational Courses

All undergraduate programs require a foundation of Biblical/Theological studies The Associate of Arts programs require 15 credit hours and the Bachelor of Arts programs require 30 credit hours. These courses lay a solid foundation for Christian Educational study on the academic level to build any major or concentration upon.

Core Concentration Coursework

For each program, a specific number of credit hours must be earned in order to qualify for the degree concentration or major. For the Associate of Arts Programs, a minimum of 21 credit hours must be earned in the area of concentration. For the Bachelor of Arts programs, there must be a minimum of 45 credit hours earned in the area of concentration.

Elective Courses

The elective courses can be credits earned in any department. For the Bachelor of Arts programs, there are 45 credit hours allotted for the elective courses. These credits may be earned from a combination of Life and Ministry Experience (possible of 15 credits awarded), Basic Biblical Knowledge (possible 15 credits awarded), and coursework.

Support and Develop Your Calling

We believe that leadership is a calling and we want to affirm God’s hand on your life by helping to train and develop your passion and gifting. Some are called to plant churches, start ministries, or lead non-profits, while others are called to start new businesses or grow professionally in their current jobs. No matter your calling, One Leadership College, partnered with Logos University, is committed to your success.

Jump-Start Your Career

Whether you are working a job with no clear-cut career path, you are considering how to best step into the world of undergraduate education, or even if you are happy with where you are, One Leadership College can help you achieve your career goals. We believe we have the tools and resources to catapult you forward into a career with countless opportunities and God-driven success.

Growth in Character

A great leader is one who recognizes who they are on the inside and has a desire to reflect that in everything they do. We want to recognize this God-given desire while investing in your spiritual growth, so that you are ready to receive the mantle of leadership that God has for you. We believe a decision to immerse yourself into an environment of biblical leadership, filled with people of character leading in the power of the Holy Spirit, is sure to be life-changing.