Vocals are expected to carry a strong melody. All vocals need to be able to hear, pick out, and sing harmonies when asked.

Musicians are expected to know the Nashville Numbers system and be able to play their instrument proficiently in the commonly used major Keys. G, C, A, D, E, F. If needed musicians are also willing and able to adjust personal style and tone of playing to fit the musical sound and style of One Church.

Drummers must know how to play with a click track (metronome) during the worship set.

Memorize the music. It is vital to learn the music so that you can lead confidently and effectively as you engage in worship. This includes memorizing chord charts, lyrics, vocal parts, etc.   

Understand how to play and work as a team with other musicians.  

Commit to growing in your unique musical role within the team.



Inclusive of  personal practice time, Thursday band rehearsals and Sunday morning serving, expect an average of 7-10 hours a week total.

Band rehearsals happen every Thursday evening from 6:45-9 unless otherwise communicated.

Serve when you are scheduled. If you have accepted the rostered position, and need a replacement contact your Team Leader. They will assist you in looking for a replacement, however you are also responsible working with the leader to help find a replacement.  

When Rostered…

Planning Center Online (PCO) is your lifeline of communication. Please check your PCO account at minimal 2 times a week to preview any changes, set lists, schedules, dates etc. You will receive a schedule via PCO complete with chord charts and mp3’s of upcoming songs.

Set lists are sent out via email through Planning Center Online no later than Saturday morning/afternoon. 5 days before the following Thursday rehearsal. Chord charts, MP3s, YouTube videos, and everything in-between can be accessed through Planning Center. Please Confirm as soon as possible. If you need to Decline there is a space provided for your reason. 

Be on time. Early is on time, on time is late. Sound check times are posted on PCO and communicated on a weekly basis from your Worship Leader or Music Director. 

Engage in connect groups and team nights. At One Church we value being a team and a family. Both context offer different dynamics however the common thread is that we are together. For us at One Church this family gathering of creatives and musicians happens in multiple ways. Our Team Nights are a must when on the team. It is here we create community with the larger group of creatives in One Church. These are called “ Company team nights”. It is these nights we get to hear the culture and DNA from our leaders, pray for one another and simply enjoy a meal and laugh together.