"This Is Love" is a rallying cry for our church to demonstrate the love of God to our community in practical ways.  Whether caring for the poor of our city, serving our neighbors or intentionally changing the atmosphere of our work places, we believe the love of God is the most powerful force on earth and the greatest need of every individual.  As we become filled with God's love we desire to express His love to our community in creative ways.  We want to encourage you to be a part of what God is doing in our community by simply taking some time to pray for your neighbors, coworkers, friends and anyone you may come in contact with on a regular basis.  Then step out and take action to show God's love to them.  Here's some ideas of how you can do it.


Invite a few friends or your family to bake a few dozen cookies, brownies, cupcakes, muffins, etc.  Then go door to door around your neighborhood passing out delicious homemade treats!  You can even wrap them in cute little cellophane bags and tie them with a bow.  Be sure to invite them to church with you!



Next time you go out to eat, leave a tip that is equal to or more than the entire bill.  Feel free to leave an invite card to church or tell your server that God loves them if you feel the opportunity is open.  



Do you know of a neighborhood kid going through a tough time, or with a parent that can't come to his/her game?  As a family or with a few friends, make posters with his name and show up at his next baseball game as his personal cheering section! What an encouragement you will be to the players and their families!



Find a barren, overgrown or underloved area in your neighborhood or on your regular route to work/school that is in need of some landscaping. Grab the kids, scour the clearance racks at Lowe's and plant beautiful flowers in that neglected space!  Perhaps you'd rather plant bulbs so that you can watch them grow or perennials to enjoy them year after year.  Pray for rain or bring a few water bottles on your commute to make sure they take root!



With some family or friends, make little baskets of goodies and go to a local hospital or nursing home to pass them out room to room. Include a potted plant, handpicked flowers, snacks, chocolate, or a little booklet of crossword puzzles!  Maybe the kids want to make homemade cards, or write a little prayer for each person!  Don't forget an Invite Card and your smile. 



Set up lawn chairs in your driveway, turn up the music and serve up lemonade and hot dogs to the neighbors! You can pass out an invitation a few days beforehand with the date, time, and address. A crockpot of chili or queso is always a good idea and don't forget chalk for the kids!